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ONE Great Opportunity!

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I’m extremely proud to announce that I have recently accepted the role of Director of Learning with Realty ONE Group.  I am thrilled beyond words with the opportunity and the chance to make a difference and serve such an amazing organization.

In August, I was given the opportunity to speak with their leadership team at their inaugural Basecamp. Appropriately named, Basecamp provides the opportunity gather, strategize and plan to take the Summit!  I was immediately overwhelmed with vision, passion and dedication as these leaders convened to plan their work…I am honored and thrilled to serve and play part to work the plan.  My focus will be on recruiting, retention and broker development!

I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to serve, yet even more grateful for the tremendous support and kindness expressed by so many when the announcement was made this past week!  Those who know me understand this is what I love and what I am passionate beyond breath about.  And I have found the perfect place to serve!  I am joyful!

Looking forward to unstoppable growth and unlimited changes for our industry!

Welcome Aboard Kathy Baker

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New Month—New Thoughts for an Age Old Winning Strategy

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With the beginning of a new month and a new, vibrant passion to change the industry, we chose to step back and lean into what we know works.  Our resource for the next series of blogs is “Teach Your Team to Fish” by Laurie Beth Jones.  In this book, Jones’ focus is on one of the most critical areas in building and sustaining a successful business: Teamwork.

Leaders today face great opportunities in defining strategies in dealing with diverse human beings and pulling together vs. falling apart.  As our example, we will use the teachings of the greatest team builders of all times.  Jesus.  Within these sessions, we will focus on:

  • How to excite your team member in order to motivate them
  • How to round them so they’ll be realistic about what can be achieved
  • How to transform them into a truly well-functioning team
  • How to release them into the world to improve teams everywhere

We will highlight companies who use teams well and provide examples of why and offer lessons that can help team leaders everywhere sustain the business and achieve their goals.

Stay tuned as we serve to be a resource, not a sales pitch!

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Even though the temps don’t reflect it, all indications are that summer is ending.  Locally, school traffic creates chaos, school buses running their routes, church pews are filling back up and retail stores stock for the Holidays (yes, already)…

So how does that impact our industry…back to school equals back to business!!!

The ONLY way to ensure an amazing Q1 for 2019 is to dig deep and finish strong in Q4 of 2018.  This is where simple is not easy.

Reach out and touch your sphere, consistently and with intention. 

  • Here is what we know based on surveys conducted by National Association of Realtors:
    • 84% to 87% of Buyers and Sellers would use their REALTOR again
    • 12% to 15% of a REALTOR’s Business is repeat buyers and sellers

Please read that again. 

Yes, while many “buy” leads and chase the illusive hopes provided online, your sphere is wondering where you are. 

  • Here is the rest of the story:
    • The average (national) time in a home is 8-10 years
    • During their tenure in a home, the average buyer/seller will refer 3+ leads to the REALTOR who served them

Please read that again. 

The most effective and financially efficient investment you can make into building your business is to dig deep and design, develop and execute a successful, consistent means to stay in touch (top of mind) with your sphere of influence. 

Three easy steps to create and maintain simple systems:

  • Discern that yours is a “database” and not simply a “mailing list’
    • Invest time into your database and build it dimensionally and personally:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Email Address
      • Mobile
      • Dates to remember: home purchase anniversary
    • LOVE your CRM
      • Select a CRM that functions for YOU.
      • Opportunity to create categories and search modules
      • Reminders—to promote you to reach out and touch
      • Intelligence-history of Buyer/Seller
  • Create a “Set it and forget it” system to always stay top of mind with those you know
    • Direct Mail (scheduled and programed to be mailed)
      • Put yourself on the mailing list so you know what content has gone out
    • Pop-By Schedule
      • Face to face—get in front of them and make them feel important and appreciated
  • Engage in Social Media
    • Facebook
      • “Friend” all within sphere
        • Transfer data from profile sheet in FB to CRM
      • Discern what is “unique” about the individual(s) and incorporate into a plan of action for pop-bys and direct mail
    • LinkedIN
      • Get into their network and follow success and changes in status
        • Relocation
        • Promotions
        • Changes in employer which might be a catalyst for change
      • Watch and listen

Social media is by far the greatest tool you have to strengthen and deepen your relationship with those in your database. Watch, listen and comment appropriately.  Note changes in family status that might give you the opportunity to have an intentional and meaningful conversation.

The only challenge with social media is time management.  Block small time segments and hold fast to your scheduled time to avoid getting lost in space!

We encourage you to commit and execute.  Whatever you adopt and implement, do it wholeheartedly.  Meaning that practice becomes non-negotiable.

Dig deep, finish strong!  Every time you do not contact your database and neglect past buyers and sellers consistently and with intention, you give them the permission to hire a bad REALTOR.

Do it.  Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

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Speak Up…Again

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Last week’s blog post addressed the courage and transparency of an organization taking the leap to reach out to their membership and provide a tool and resource to encourage feedback  with both leadership and tools being provided.  Again, I am in awe.

What this kind of leap forward provides is trust and accountability at the highest level.  When  an organization takes this kind of step true leadership is exposed. It is making strong, clear, concise and meaningful statements.

  • We value your opinion.
  • We understand who we serve. (And we want to serve you better)
  • We honor your loyalty and trust.

What this kind of action eliminates is the opportunity for the organization to act out the fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes. When you empower your membership to Speak Up, be heard and contribute to greatness, you ensure there is indeed fabric in the loom.  You create loyal, raving fans who line the streets and cheer you on!!

When you discourage your membership from speaking up or even worse, when you allow them to speak up and either ignore their needs or pretend to act and don’t, your loyal become disenchanted.  Most significantly, when you “parade” before your membership, ignoring their needs and concerns, you expose the lack leadership, vision and direction of the organization at the highest possible volume.  Your raving fans become silent. Value vanishes. Confidence wanes.  Trust erodes.  They will no longer line the streets.

Leadership in real estate is critical to your sustained success. The industry is shifting.  The market is moving.

As your parade passes by, speak up! Ensure your voice is heard, your opinion valued, and your loyalty honored. Who you work with matters. Every day.

Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

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Speak Up

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While recently attending a conference, I was in awe of an organization that is soliciting the services of a company which will serve as a conduit to provide a 360 communication between leadership to membership and membership back to leadership.

This organization is encouraging the membership to Speak Up.  They are encouraging their members to share thoughts, ideas, challenges and opportunities.  This organization is providing a tool (at no cost to the membership) that not only allows yet encourages participation.

What courage in this day and age to provide such transparency and accountability.  This  leadership obviously cares about the performance of its leaders in addition to the performance of the tools, resources and services being are providing.  Wow.  What a novel idea.

This is the difference in Wall Street and Mainstreet.  This is what happens when the stakeholders are valued, appreciated and honored more than the stockholders.

Step up. Speak up.  Serve up.  This company is the One.

Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

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There is such power in action!  As I sit this morning to write my weekly contribution and hope that someone reads it and is impacted positively in some way…I focus on the many, many ways our industry is changing and yet remaining the same.  This is about managing your time wisely.

Weekly, I am contacted by someone offering the latest, greatest, most awesomely-potentially profitable tool, resource and opportunity to get wealthy (and healthy) fast.  In my many years in this industry, I have yet to see anything as effective and efficient as taking the action and executing the activities needed to reach out and touch the people who trust you to work with them.  To build a business that delivers results year over year, transaction after transaction, you must commit to take action…consistently.

The challenge is the opportunity.  Hidden behind each disruption and potential “easy button” solution you have the choice to chase the unknown and discern its worthiness and dependability or invest the same amount of time in a foundational block of the real estate industry that is proven to deliver successful results. The choice is yours, every day.

The opportunities are unlimited. You have many choices.  It’s all up to you.  What business practices will you adopt and execute to build and sustain a successful career? Here are a few:

  • Telephone Calls
    • Text
  • Cause Marketing
    • Events
    • Sponsorship
  • Direct Mail
  • Door Knocking
  • Expireds
  • FSBO’s
  • Handwritten notes
  • Internet Leads
  • Just Listed/Just Sold
  • Open House
    • Realtors® Open
    • Neighbors Only
    • Public
    • FSBOs
  • Pop-Bys
  • Social
    • Facebook
    • Personal Page
    • Biz Page
    • Private Messages
    • Likes
    • Paid Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Client Events
    • Ice Cream Vendor
    • Food Trucks
    • Annual Appreciation
      • Pie
      • Champagne or Cider

Now these are old school, right?  While has much has changed in the business world and ways to reach out and touch people are varied…building and sustaining a relationship has not.  It’s about showing others you care.  It’s about being authentic and genuine.  It’s about showing up and creating the opportunity for others to shine and be served.

It is often said that simple is not always easy. Right?  This is the best example ever of that concept.  Building a thriving real estate business that delivers excellent results year over year is a simple. Period.  What is not easy is doing the things you need to do…taking action and completing the needed tasks to develop and maintain the relationships consistently and with an attitude and heart that is non-negotiable.

This IS about time management. It’s about scheduling activities and executing them. Honoring the schedule, you create and discerning what is non-negotiable.

It’s all about being a resource, not a sales pitch.

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Staying On Purpose in an Off-Course World

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Passion – Purpose – Presence…

This has been an incredibly interesting, insightful and emotional week for me.

On a personal note, it represented my Mom’s Birthday and it’s the first to be celebrated since her passing. I was reminded how blessed I am to have been loved so unconditionally by such an amazing, intelligent and resourceful woman…and many beautiful memories were relived among internal giggles and external tears. (Not a pretty cry…the ugly one that your nose runs)

On a professional note, I’ve had the opportunity to explore new brands and players that are emerging in the industry which the wise will not ignore.  The game-changers, the disruptors, the insightful, spiteful and bad boys that will forever change the industry (there, did I manage to use every over-used term that everyone hates?) and take the professional Realtor® to a higher ground and deliver to the consumer a better experience.

As my two worlds collided this week, I was reminded how very challenging it can be to stay on purpose in such an off-course world.  I have officially turned off the T.V. (other than my crime shows…I need to keep my skills sharpened in the event that I need to hide a body and destroy evidence) and tuned into what sets my heart on fire.  Service.  I invite you to join me to reflect and rediscover what you are truly passionate about.

As a professional, full-time, full-service Realtor® you are a Servant Leader. You serve the needs of others first, work to put yourself out of business each and every month and then pull yourself up by your boot straps and database and do it all over again. You serve and strive to provide the best consumer experience possible each and every time on the hopes that you will make it to the closing table and be rewarded for your efforts.  It’s not a transaction…it’s a home, a future, fulfilling a dream.

Remember that life is short and your time to serve is shorter.  If you love what you do and are blessed to do what you love, keep doing it and be the best you can be!

Purposefully, passionately and wholeheartedly serve.  Remove the toxicity that surrounds you. If it is covered in human flesh…I’m sorry.  Tune in with me for the crime shows. Relieve yourself of the struggle and reward yourself with love, honor and appreciation.  Live in gratitude and surround yourself with it!   If you feel you are stuck in a rut and do not feel that you are being honored and rewarded appropriately for your productivity…find a better solution. As an independent contractor, your options are almost unlimited.

Find your tribe and serve to make a difference.  You will be rewarded far beyond a commission.

Be a resource and not a sales pitch!

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Transforming from Hostage to Host…

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Why recruit? More importantly, are you coming from a place of survival or security?  When you perceive Recruiting as a “Dreaded Chore,” that message is obvious! If you are recruiting from a survival mode, the attitude and spirit reflected through your efforts to the candidates you seek will not enable you to reap the rewards (results) you desire.

However, when your spirit reflects that of a Host…one that is building (recruiting) from the attitude of contentment, security and stability, you will attract and hire the candidates that will not only build your company with the integrity and strength you desire, but more importantly growth that is built to last.  More importantly, when the Host re-invents the task to one of enjoyment and fun, the dreaded chore becomes a profitable, successful task.  Security over survival…always a better solution!

Bottom line: Associate growth that you will retain for the long term-truly impacts your bottom line in a positive way!

Here are Six Key Steps to make this happen!

I.  RE-Kindle the Fire

Map your direction and define your role…

Constantly re-invent and re-imagine your role to arrive at your destiny:

What hats do you wear?

  1. Recruiter/Broker/Owner/Manager
  2. Realtor/Broker
  3. Caregiver/Shepherd
  4. Community Leader
  5. Counselor
  6. Nanny/Daycare Provider
  7. All of the Above?????

Just as importantly, what is your Map? What is representing the Compass?

Again, what is the impetus driving your actions?

Hopefully not the elements of…

  1. Earth…who/what is “shaking” the ground beneath your feet
  2. Wind…who/what is “blowing” the loudest/hardest
  3. Fire…whatever is the “hottest” situation/problem at the present …not just smoking-FIRE!
  4. Water…who/what is pulling you down to the point of drowning

If these represent your compass, you are a Hostage…not a Host!

II.  RE-Think the Task-Why Recruit?

Further define why you are recruiting…is your motivation survival or security?

  1. Financial Freedom
  2. Purpose/Life Balance-working smarter/not harder
  3. Productivity-acceptable level for yourself & others
  4. Profitability-acceptable $’s for yourself & others
  5. Creating & maintaining a sense of Family within your office
  6. The means to escape to a greater/higher level of life

III.  RE-Define the Destination-Fuel the Fire and Task with Creativity!

  1. Imagine you at your best.  Work w/intention to fulfill that image…Reclaim your energy by being the Leader others are drawn to! Reflect the energy and fire of a Host.
  2. Engage others in the game plan-expand your team.
  3. Blend common principles w/ uncommon practices:
    • Creativity
    • Imagination
  4. Incorporate Recruiting Systems redefined

 IV.  RE-move the Pain

To get results, decide to have FUN!

“Fun creates enjoyment, which invites participation, which focuses attention, which expands awareness, which promotes insight, which generates knowledge, which facilitates action.  And action gets results.”


The difference when working from the perspective of being a Host (Joy) vs. a Hostage (Pain) will reap results beyond your expectations!

From the perspective of the Host:

  1. Tenants become Guests!
  2. You enjoy each role you’ve identified enabling you to tap into the Passion that landed you there! You work “IN JOY”!
  3. Compensation is more than $’s.  Wealth has nothing to do with money.

V.  RE-Establish the Comfort and Security of Home

Let’s learn a brief lesson from the story of Hansel & Gretel:

The Wicked Witch had two options to get attract children to her house.  She could ride around the woods on her broom, swoop down and scoop up the kids, or she could build a really great house that looked great, smelled wonderful and attracted kids completely driven by their senses.

To attract the best agents, build your office for not only comfort but convenience and speed.  In other words, build a really great house, make it attractive and encourage others to join you, make themselves at home…the true spirit of a Host.

VI.  RE-Joice with your success – What the real estate industry can learn from NASCAR:

As the fastest growing sport in the nation, NASCAR understands that success is a TEAM effort.  That is reflected in every element of the sport.  Not only does the success of the team depend on the vital role that each party plays, but NASCAR does an exceptional job in acknowledging the role and importance of each role played!  In the world of racing, the players are: Owners/Crew Chiefs/Drivers/Sponsors and Fans…In the world of real estate the players are Owners/Managers/Brokers/Realtors/Staff/Buyers and Sellers/Family and Team members.

More than ever, real estate is rapidly moving to a team sport.  The REALTOR® is becoming a consultant, incorporating the services and benefits of other related professionals to win the race by providing the most comprehensive service possible in assisting others to make their dreams a reality.  In order to staying on the right “track” to success, three essential elements must take place within your office:

  1. Maintain high standards
  2. Built for comfort, efficiency as well as speed
  3. Surrounding the track with partners

Acknowledgement that we are in a RELATIONSHIP BUSINESS to ensure success is vital! Taking care of your TEAM for the long haul is imperative! 


By focusing and intentionally following these steps, you move from activity to achievement.  More importantly, you move from Hostage to Host!  Profitability and joy will soon follow.

Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

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Going the extra mile…

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In this week’s blog entry, we cast a wide net and cover what we believe is a critical topic in business and in life. It’s about delivering an extraordinary experience to those you serve. It’s about communication.  It goes far beyond my industry of real estate and reaches into any and all areas of business.

Technology has made life wonderfully efficient and added so many levels of speed and comfort to our lives.  As I travel today, I’m reminded how we have all benefited from technology in travel (remember, I’m the one who wondered why it took so long for someone to put wheels on suitcases), business and communication…

Wait…I’m not sure about the communication part.  Let me take that back…What technology has done is ill-equip us to listen and wholeheartedly discern what is best.  Too often, technology has created poor, bad habits that cloud and mask the best way to serve those in our path.

In my opinion, inefficient and ineffective communication is fueled by the fact that we all have the choice to speak face-to-face and really engage in a conversation or take the shortcut and text, email, or tweet our message.  SO much is lost in not looking into the eyes of the individual you are serving and truly listening to and identifying their needs.  SO much is lost in using a keyboard to convey a message and cheating your ability to interject tonality, understanding, empathy and compassion into your conversation.

What if? What if instead of going the extra mile, we simply take a few extra steps?

  1. Be.

Be fully present

When in communication. Be present. Show respect. Don’t multi-task and do many things as once. Stop, focus and commit to the conversation you are in.

  1. Seek.

Seek every opportunity to be face-to-face and share thoughts.

Face-to-face does not mean in the same room.  If and when your schedule and technology allow, sit face-to-face (Facetime, Zoom, Skype, Google Groups) and “show” the attention and respect that is becoming a lost art.  Make the one you are speaking with the most important person in the conversation. Look into their eyes.  Hear with more than just your ears.

  1. Ask.

Ask engaging and insightful questions to build relationships stronger.

The old saying that “people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room.  You should strive to be the most caring.

  1. Listen.

Listen for the sake of hearing and not for the purpose of responding.

As a matter of fact, be slow to respond and even slower to react.  The act of aggressive listening opens unbelievable opportunities to serve.

  1. Show gratitude.

Mother Teresa stated, “There is a greater need for love in this world than food.”  Love is gratitude.  You lose nothing when you pause and say, “Thank you.” You lose nothing when you take time to care and show appreciation.

  1. Show respect.

No screens. When you do experience the luxury of being face-to-face, commit to put all devices down.  If an opportunity is important enough to schedule, it’s too important to lose to the competition of a screen.  Period.  No further discussion needed.

Many years ago, I had the pleasure of reading the book “The Aladdin Factor” (by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield).  It changed my life. Literally, I have lived this book since reading it.  The content of the book features communication at an extremely high level.  Having the courage to ask for what you want and the respect of showing gratitude when you receive it.

The book empowers you to go the extra mile.

Onward! Be a resource not a sales pitch.

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Ready! Set! Re-set…

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As we launch into Part II of 2018, we focus on how to finish the year strong.  It is beyond thrilling to work with professionals so committed to their craft that they are currently re-adjusting goals and re-imagining what this year’s success will provide for each.  Re-framed, and simplified—they are performing so darn well, we are increasing their goals for the year.

The market is moving.  Although some markets are slowing, shifting and perhaps adjusting, the market is moving!  Push, stay ahead of the curve.  Do not allow a good market to create bad habits.

The key to the success of our industry-leading Rock Stars and the reason they are staying ahead of the market and re-adjusting their goals for 2018 is because they are fundamentally sound.  Each is committed to plan their work and work their plan.  Here are the 5 key elements to ensure your success:

  1. Consistently touch your sphere:

In today’s market, so many people are chasing leads, biding time and waiting, hoping and wishing for leads and that the business will find them. If this is your business model,  stop it.  It is reported that less than 5% of leads are coming from the web.  Please stop chasing the elusive and tap strongly into your sphere, stay top-of-mind and take the business you’ve earned. This is about consistency.  Consistently staying in touch with those you serve and have served!

  • Direct mail
  • Pop-Bys
  • Social media communication
  • Follow-up phone calls
  • Client appreciation events
  1. Be intentional:

Frustration is a direct result of unmet expectations.  To insure success, be intentional; set your expectations with clarity, dimension and action steps.   Follow each step – execute and follow up.

  • Schedule
  • Activities
  • Communication
    1. Scripts
    2. Ask for the business
  1. Relentlessly follow up:

This is not an occasional follow up…this is a planned strategy that will ensure potential business does not “fall thru the cracks”.  After all, is there anything worse than discovering that past buyers, sellers and members of your SOI have used another REALTOR®?

  1. Being held accountable:

The most critical ingredient in a successful real estate career is accountability.  Having someone that is your Partner to serve as your support system, to help you overcome the challenges and seize each opportunity.  The right Coach will take your business to the next level.

  1. Living in gratitude:

Without exception, each Client that I serve lives in gratitude and works to develop and nurture relationships.  Each is more concerned and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience rather than counting transactions.  Each practices servant leadership.

As we get ready and set a plan in place to finish strong and reset to make 2018 the best year ever in your career, follow each step provided.  Message me for a confidential career evaluation and a discussion regarding how to build a strategy for each of the 5-steps listed.

Serving as a resource, not a sales pitch.

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