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Speak Up

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While recently attending a conference, I was in awe of an organization that is soliciting the services of a company which will serve as a conduit to provide a 360 communication between leadership to membership and membership back to leadership.

This organization is encouraging the membership to Speak Up.  They are encouraging their members to share thoughts, ideas, challenges and opportunities.  This organization is providing a tool (at no cost to the membership) that not only allows yet encourages participation.

What courage in this day and age to provide such transparency and accountability.  This  leadership obviously cares about the performance of its leaders in addition to the performance of the tools, resources and services being are providing.  Wow.  What a novel idea.

This is the difference in Wall Street and Mainstreet.  This is what happens when the stakeholders are valued, appreciated and honored more than the stockholders.

Step up. Speak up.  Serve up.  This company is the One.

Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

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