Ready! Set! Re-set…

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Ready! Set! Re-set…

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As we launch into Part II of 2018, we focus on how to finish the year strong.  It is beyond thrilling to work with professionals so committed to their craft that they are currently re-adjusting goals and re-imagining what this year’s success will provide for each.  Re-framed, and simplified—they are performing so darn well, we are increasing their goals for the year.

The market is moving.  Although some markets are slowing, shifting and perhaps adjusting, the market is moving!  Push, stay ahead of the curve.  Do not allow a good market to create bad habits.

The key to the success of our industry-leading Rock Stars and the reason they are staying ahead of the market and re-adjusting their goals for 2018 is because they are fundamentally sound.  Each is committed to plan their work and work their plan.  Here are the 5 key elements to ensure your success:

  1. Consistently touch your sphere:

In today’s market, so many people are chasing leads, biding time and waiting, hoping and wishing for leads and that the business will find them. If this is your business model,  stop it.  It is reported that less than 5% of leads are coming from the web.  Please stop chasing the elusive and tap strongly into your sphere, stay top-of-mind and take the business you’ve earned. This is about consistency.  Consistently staying in touch with those you serve and have served!

  • Direct mail
  • Pop-Bys
  • Social media communication
  • Follow-up phone calls
  • Client appreciation events
  1. Be intentional:

Frustration is a direct result of unmet expectations.  To insure success, be intentional; set your expectations with clarity, dimension and action steps.   Follow each step – execute and follow up.

  • Schedule
  • Activities
  • Communication
    1. Scripts
    2. Ask for the business
  1. Relentlessly follow up:

This is not an occasional follow up…this is a planned strategy that will ensure potential business does not “fall thru the cracks”.  After all, is there anything worse than discovering that past buyers, sellers and members of your SOI have used another REALTOR®?

  1. Being held accountable:

The most critical ingredient in a successful real estate career is accountability.  Having someone that is your Partner to serve as your support system, to help you overcome the challenges and seize each opportunity.  The right Coach will take your business to the next level.

  1. Living in gratitude:

Without exception, each Client that I serve lives in gratitude and works to develop and nurture relationships.  Each is more concerned and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience rather than counting transactions.  Each practices servant leadership.

As we get ready and set a plan in place to finish strong and reset to make 2018 the best year ever in your career, follow each step provided.  Message me for a confidential career evaluation and a discussion regarding how to build a strategy for each of the 5-steps listed.

Serving as a resource, not a sales pitch.

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