ONE Great Opportunity!

I’m extremely proud to announce that I have recently accepted the role of Director of Learning with Realty ONE Group.  I am thrilled beyond words with the opportunity and the chance to make a difference and serve such an amazing organization. In August, I was given the opportunity to speak with their leadership team at

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Kathy Baker September 18 ,2018

New Month—New Thoughts for an Age Old Winning Strategy

With the beginning of a new month and a new, vibrant passion to change the industry, we chose to step back and lean into what we know works.  Our resource for the next series of blogs is “Teach Your Team to Fish” by Laurie Beth Jones.  In this book, Jones’ focus is on one of

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Kathy Baker September 04 ,2018


Even though the temps don’t reflect it, all indications are that summer is ending.  Locally, school traffic creates chaos, school buses running their routes, church pews are filling back up and retail stores stock for the Holidays (yes, already)… So how does that impact our industry…back to school equals back to business!!! The ONLY way

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Kathy Baker August 28 ,2018


Kathy Baker is an established leader in the real estate industry, offering valuable insight from her understanding of all elements of the real estate brokerage. She has extensive experience in educating new franchisees - her knowledge in recruiting and her focus on retention are invaluable tools for today's brokers. Kathy's smooth, easy-to-engage style has contributed to her success both in the field and as an industry resource, and her insightful guidance would prove beneficial to brokerage executives.

Margaret Kelly

( Former CEO, RE/MAX, LLC )

Kathy is among the most knowledgeable, credible leaders in the industry today - she brings not only her experience to her clients, she brings her care.

Steve Murray

( President, REAL Trends )

I've been in real estate for 30 years and had the good fortune to know Kathy Baker for 20 of those years. Kathy's excels in helping Broker/Owners solve complex problems. Whether it is training and coaching agents or designing and executing a recruiting plan for a brokerage, Kathy's proven techniques work in today's business environment. Kathy Baker knows the inside workings of all major brokerage franchises. I feel confident that Kathy would give a in depth overview of all options available to any Broker/Owner. Kathy's guidance is highly sought after because she has integral knowledge in every aspect of realty brokerage including owning, start-ups and training and coaching. It is my pleasure to give her my highest recommendation.

Marti Hampton

( Broker/Owner, RE/MAX One Realty )

It has been my pleasure to work with Kathy over my career. Not only was she able to create dynamic curriculum tailored to the brightest real estate minds in the business, she is also able to convey her messages with clarity, consistency and through a voice that captivates and motivates. Pairing her experience, with outstanding coaching skills makes Kathy a truly sought-after educator and leader.

Mike Ryan

( Executive Vice President, RE/MAX, LLC )

As an owner and operator of a fast-growing brokerage firm, I thought I had a unique perspective of the real estate industry until I met Kathy Baker. Kathy’s ability to understand the needs of the various stakeholders as well as being able to solve for a win-win across the board is truly remarkable. Additionally, I have seen Kathy’s industry knowledge and insight transcend geographies and price points, and that only comes when someone understands the very DNA of the industry. Her broad network, deep experience, insightful problem solving, and warm and light-hearted personality makes her a tremendous advisor and an asset to our industry as a whole.

Sharran Srivatsaa

( President of Brokerage, Western Region @ Douglas Elliman Real Estate )

Kathy's working knowledge of the real estate industry, combined with her ability to listen objectively, provides a refreshing perspective into today’s rapidly changing landscape. Turning challenges into opportunity seems to come quite easily, and solutions follow regardless of your role or interests... broker, team leader or agent. It’s rare in today’s fast-paced, always connected world, to find someone who takes the time to really listen, fully-understand the situation from everyone’s perspective and then provide advice designed to achieve a specific goal. Kathy’s has been a trusted advisor and mentor during our 20X growth over the last four years.

Chris Speicher

( Co-Founder of the Speicher Group, Long & Foster and Christie’s, Advisory Board of Zillow, Ambassador of RIS Media Top 5 in Real Estate Network )

Kathy Baker could train a linebacker to dance ballet. It's all about how she believes in you until you believe in yourself. She sees the potential within and activates it. Directly and with strong feeling. She's clever, sincere, dynamic and has the heart of a lion. If you have the opportunity to be in this woman's presence, take it.

Valerie Praxis Westerfield

( Producer/Editor/Director/Storyteller, Praxis Piktures )

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kathy Baker for over 20 years. I have worked side by side with her in many capacities including recruiting, coaching, content development and leadership consulting. Kathy has worked on every level of the real estate industry from administration, to sales and marketing, recruiting and then finally, as a partner in a thriving, successful Brokerage. This vast experience provides a rare, timely working knowledge of the industry. That knowledge combined with her tireless work ethic is further fueled by a relentless appetite for success. Kathy asks the right questions, listens aggressively and works with you to create a blueprint for success. As your Consultant and Partner in profitability, Kathy will ensure the results you desire and empower you to exceed beyond your expectations.

Judy LaDeur

( President, Judy LaDeur International )

I have known Kathy Baker since 2003 and she has not only been a friend, but she has been a motivator, a coach, a confidant, a mentor, and has always helped me move through challenging times as a business owner. Because she ran a RE/MAX office for many years it's wonderful to know that she sat in my chair so to speak. She truly understands the day in and day out demands...but she also knows what's possible if you commit, believe and work hard! Believe me you will LOVE working with her!!!”

Jennifer Atkisson-Lovett

( Broker/Co-Owner, 2013 Broker/Owner of the Year, RE/MAX Florida Region )

Kathy’s support, encouragement and leadership keeps me focused and on the path of success. This year, I’m on track to exceed last year’s results.

Tom Downing

( The Downing Group at The Platinum Group, REALTORS )

Kathy Baker is one of the brightest, most positive and creative difference makers I've encountered in my 35+ year career in real estate. If that seems like overstatement, it's not! She is a marketing and recruiting guru and can share her wisdom effectively in the boardroom or classroom. She knows the brokerage business inside and out and has a gift for critical analysis. If you are fortunate enough to have an opportunity for Kathy to become involved with your organization, take it!

John Schumacher

( Regional Director, Mid-American Region, Keller Williams Realty International )

Over the last 15 years I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Kathy Baker, and working shoulder to shoulder with her in the field, as a client, and as industry colleagues. Kathy has more than earned my respect, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Kathy's talent, expertise, and knowledge to your organization. Whether you're in need of boardroom consulting, hyper-growth strategies, leadership coaching, or a brokerage profitability analysis; Kathy Baker is well-equipped to uncover your pain, present proven solutions, and coach you and your team to higher levels of productivity and profitability. Kathy has walked more than a mile in your shoes. She has lived and breathed the real estate brokerage business and has experienced great success. Being in tune with your plight and that of the real estate industry, gives her incredible insight into the success clues, and often overlooked dysfunctions within the typical real estate brokerage. Leveraging her experience will help you transform your results. Spend 10 minutes with Kathy and you'll immediately understand why.

Jonathan D. Nicholas

( Chief Innovation Officer, immoHQ )

Kathy Baker is one of a kind when it comes to coaching and consulting for business building and recruiting in real estate! If you're in need of someone to tell it like it is and help jump start your business on the path to profitability, that's Kathy. Not only is she straightforward and honest about the steps you need to take, she brings decades of experience working with some of the top Broker/Owners in the country. You'll probably get a kick out of her "southernisms" too! They broke the mold when they made Kathy Baker.

Mandy Fulford

( CEO, RE/MAX Southern Shores )

Kathy Baker has an exceptional talent that holds your attention, as a mentor, coach, you can't find a better professional to learn from!

Cindy Hamann

( President of Growth and Recruitment, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Anderson Properties )

The best way to describe Kathy Baker is down to earth. Kathy gives solid advice from the heart. Unlike most coaches Kathy has a different perspective since she was a previous Broker-Owner. Kathy knows what it means to do what we do every day. Kathy is a very engaging speaker and captivates her audience. Plainly put, Kathy connects with the people and is a results-oriented person.

Bill Burns

( RE/MAX North American Broker Owner of the year 2012, 2013, 2017, RE/MAX First )

Kathy Baker knows the real estate brokerage business inside and out. Having worked with Kathy for years, her knowledge, expertise and experience in both owning her own successful brokerages as well as coaching and training some of the top Brokers in the world, makes her THE expert. Her "tell it like it is" style, coupled with her ability to help you push past any road blocks will help you create a strategic, focused growth or transition plan. You simply won't find a better, or more thorough strategist anywhere.

Amy Lessinger

( Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates )

Kathy's vast experience and wealth of knowledge on running a brokerage has taken my business to the next level. I appreciate her no-nonsense advice and her commitment to helping me grow.

Kim Minor

( Principal Owner, RE/MAX Real Estate Results )

We met Kathy at a RE/MAX convention several years ago. She was teaching a recruiting class. At the end of her 60-minute time allocation, no one wanted to leave. “Wow” was the exclamation coming from the nearly 100 participants in the class. When we learned that Kathy actually had a RE/MAX franchise not far from where we had ours, we humbly asked if she could someday come and talk to our management team. Without hesitation she accepted our invitation. The best move we ever made. Dynamic, inspirational, knowledgeable, articulate, are only a few adjectives to describe Kathy. She has given us advice on how to really grow a business beyond what our expertise had been since inception eight years ago. From advice for structuring our Board of Directors, calculating our market presence and how to grow it, marketing our business to the public, basic and advanced recruiting techniques, are only a few of the many facets Kathy brought to us. If it not for Kathy Baker, we would not have the growing real estate franchise that we have now. With her help, we have been able to maximize our growth potential as well as focus on our transition plans. Kathy has convinced us that there are no bounds in which to contain our momentum.

Barbara Mann

( Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Realty Consultants )

Kathy Baker is not only one of the best recruiting coaches I have ever witnessed but she is also one of the most knowledgeable business experts in the real estate industry. Her many years of diverse real estate experience puts Kathy in an elite category of consultants working with real estate leaders today. She has experienced success as an agent, managing a team, running a real estate company, as a coach and consultant, and as an executive for a major real estate franchisor, among many other accomplishments. Kathy's has an incredible ability to recognize areas of opportunity and provide practical strategies leading to quick and measurable results. She is dynamic, results driven, a great listener, strategic minded, practical and very, very funny! I highly recommend her as a coach, consultant and speaker!

Wes Dillingham

( VP of Customer Success, Stock Systems )

Kathy Baker has more hands-on experience in managing successful real estate offices & top producing agents than anyone in the business. Don’t be deceived by her refreshing wit and enjoyable personality: this woman has the sharpest mind when it comes to assessing the challenge and delivering perfect solutions for leaders. You’ll save bundles of precious time, probably thousands of dollars and enjoy the ride when you turn to Kathy for solutions.

Cheryl Fairbanks

( RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Former Director of Training, RE/MAX of Texas )

Kathy has a way of speaking on recruiting that makes you listen, learn and laugh out loud! But you never forget the message, and that’s the magic. There is no secret to successful recruiting, but Kathy reminds us of the steps to take to reach our ultimate goal and beyond.

Lori Reece

( Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc )

Whether you are a seasoned Broker Owner or Manager, or are new to either role, you want to have a growing, vibrant, profitable office. Kathy Baker can help you to achieve all your goals and make the journey fun! I've known Kathy for many years and have watched as she gently guides individuals through the maze of recruiting and business building. Her quick wit, great sense of humor and easy style coupled with her great business acumen and keen eye for identifying strengths and areas of challenge, will allow you to benefit in ways that you may not have envisioned. Kathy will definitely hold you accountable and be that "firm hand in a velvet glove". She will make sure your time is not wasted and that you see results! So... commit to working with Kathy ready to work hard and have a great time doing it!

Kim Hawkins

( Vice President, RE/MAX Alliance )

If you are ready for amazing, outstanding, profitable results, it's time to stop working in your business in order to start working on your business. Why try to invent the wheel on your own when someone already has the blueprint? Kathy Baker is the secret sauce behind thousands of amazing brokerages...if you want to be one of them, hire Kathy!

Stacey Alcorn

( CEO, LAER Realty Partners )

As I was previously sales focused, how to recruit and the importance of retention was a new concept in 2012 when I purchased my first brokerage at the age of 25. I enlisted in what I like to call “Kathy Baker’s Boot Camp” for new broker/owners and came out a new person. She’s one of the highest achieving broker/managers in the RE/MAX system and the information she provided at this session was invaluable. Her insights continue to guide me to this day and her workshop was relevant and up-to-date. I'm confident that my work with Kathy was instrumental in my being named as the First Non-U.S. REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30 Honoree. I’m a Canadian, but I soon discovered that her effective strategies can be implemented wherever you are in the world. They’re that good. And so is she.

Ian M. Charlebois

( Owner, Chairman, CEO & Broker of Record, Ian Charlebois Group Realty, RE/MAX Hallmark )

Kathy Baker utilizes her deep insights into Real Estate, business strategy and human behavior to deliver one of a kind insights and systems. Her dedication to be a life learner allows her to offer unbiased support to all levels of an organization. Whether consulting with an action team, coaching a CEO or leading a class, Kathy focuses on clearly defining outcomes and devising plans to achieve them. Her humor, energy and support mean she is always upbeat and engaged in helping you reach your goals.

John D. Erickson, Jr.

( Mission Marketing Group, LLC )

As one of the top 10 teams in the world with RE/MAX, I understand the importance of team and teamwork. I’m pleased to have Kathy Baker as a vital member of my team for guidance and support. To maintain our team average of 60 closings per month, it is important to us to have the confidence that we are on the cutting edge of market trends. Under Kathy’s leadership, we achieve the success we desire through education and objection handling. I would highly recommend the KB Consulting Solutions for any agent desiring to take their career to next level.

Gail Perry

( REMC, Inc. )

Be a Resource, not a Sales Pitch!