Kathy Baker’s real estate expertise and confident, personable and humorous speaking delivery makes her a great choice for you next event.

For details on pricing, topics and availability please use the Inquiry Form or contact Kathy at to take the next step in booking Kathy.

Top 10 Reasons to Work with Kathy…

  1. Kathy believes that if you’ve decided to play, you should play to win.  Her coaching and consulting offers a plan of action to ensure victory.
  2. Kathy has first hand knowledge and success in real estate sales, office administration, management, ownership and recruiting.
  3. Kathy’s systems, tools and resources are tried and proven based on a solid track record of results and success.
  4. Kathy’s presentations are interactive, energetic and conducted at a high level of participation from those attending.
  5. Kathy’s energy and humor are highly motivational and inspiring.
  6. Kathy has walked in your shoes daily!  As a Broker/Partner she has faced on a daily basis the same concerns and challenges you face as an Owner/Manager, Broker or Recruiter.
  7. Kathy understands the importance of the playbook and implementing your plan of action!  She will provide a customized program and presentation crafted to fit the needs of your organization.
  8. Kathy offers innovative profitability strategies, marketing ideas and opportunities designed to enable you to grow your company and increase your sales force without exhausting your time, energy, resources and patience.
  9. Kathy believes you should never take the fun and JOY out of building a profitable business.  Love what you do!  Keep operations profitable with great results.
  10. Kathy is committed to your success. Her passion to reach, teach and train is fueled by her genuine desire to serve and ensure you reap the rewards you desire.  Reach your goals without sacrificing your peace of mind and sense of balance in our ever-changing, ever-demanding industry!

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