Transforming from Hostage to Host…

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Transforming from Hostage to Host…

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Why recruit? More importantly, are you coming from a place of survival or security?  When you perceive Recruiting as a “Dreaded Chore,” that message is obvious! If you are recruiting from a survival mode, the attitude and spirit reflected through your efforts to the candidates you seek will not enable you to reap the rewards (results) you desire.

However, when your spirit reflects that of a Host…one that is building (recruiting) from the attitude of contentment, security and stability, you will attract and hire the candidates that will not only build your company with the integrity and strength you desire, but more importantly growth that is built to last.  More importantly, when the Host re-invents the task to one of enjoyment and fun, the dreaded chore becomes a profitable, successful task.  Security over survival…always a better solution!

Bottom line: Associate growth that you will retain for the long term-truly impacts your bottom line in a positive way!

Here are Six Key Steps to make this happen!

I.  RE-Kindle the Fire

Map your direction and define your role…

Constantly re-invent and re-imagine your role to arrive at your destiny:

What hats do you wear?

  1. Recruiter/Broker/Owner/Manager
  2. Realtor/Broker
  3. Caregiver/Shepherd
  4. Community Leader
  5. Counselor
  6. Nanny/Daycare Provider
  7. All of the Above?????

Just as importantly, what is your Map? What is representing the Compass?

Again, what is the impetus driving your actions?

Hopefully not the elements of…

  1. Earth…who/what is “shaking” the ground beneath your feet
  2. Wind…who/what is “blowing” the loudest/hardest
  3. Fire…whatever is the “hottest” situation/problem at the present …not just smoking-FIRE!
  4. Water…who/what is pulling you down to the point of drowning

If these represent your compass, you are a Hostage…not a Host!

II.  RE-Think the Task-Why Recruit?

Further define why you are recruiting…is your motivation survival or security?

  1. Financial Freedom
  2. Purpose/Life Balance-working smarter/not harder
  3. Productivity-acceptable level for yourself & others
  4. Profitability-acceptable $’s for yourself & others
  5. Creating & maintaining a sense of Family within your office
  6. The means to escape to a greater/higher level of life

III.  RE-Define the Destination-Fuel the Fire and Task with Creativity!

  1. Imagine you at your best.  Work w/intention to fulfill that image…Reclaim your energy by being the Leader others are drawn to! Reflect the energy and fire of a Host.
  2. Engage others in the game plan-expand your team.
  3. Blend common principles w/ uncommon practices:
    • Creativity
    • Imagination
  4. Incorporate Recruiting Systems redefined

 IV.  RE-move the Pain

To get results, decide to have FUN!

“Fun creates enjoyment, which invites participation, which focuses attention, which expands awareness, which promotes insight, which generates knowledge, which facilitates action.  And action gets results.”


The difference when working from the perspective of being a Host (Joy) vs. a Hostage (Pain) will reap results beyond your expectations!

From the perspective of the Host:

  1. Tenants become Guests!
  2. You enjoy each role you’ve identified enabling you to tap into the Passion that landed you there! You work “IN JOY”!
  3. Compensation is more than $’s.  Wealth has nothing to do with money.

V.  RE-Establish the Comfort and Security of Home

Let’s learn a brief lesson from the story of Hansel & Gretel:

The Wicked Witch had two options to get attract children to her house.  She could ride around the woods on her broom, swoop down and scoop up the kids, or she could build a really great house that looked great, smelled wonderful and attracted kids completely driven by their senses.

To attract the best agents, build your office for not only comfort but convenience and speed.  In other words, build a really great house, make it attractive and encourage others to join you, make themselves at home…the true spirit of a Host.

VI.  RE-Joice with your success – What the real estate industry can learn from NASCAR:

As the fastest growing sport in the nation, NASCAR understands that success is a TEAM effort.  That is reflected in every element of the sport.  Not only does the success of the team depend on the vital role that each party plays, but NASCAR does an exceptional job in acknowledging the role and importance of each role played!  In the world of racing, the players are: Owners/Crew Chiefs/Drivers/Sponsors and Fans…In the world of real estate the players are Owners/Managers/Brokers/Realtors/Staff/Buyers and Sellers/Family and Team members.

More than ever, real estate is rapidly moving to a team sport.  The REALTOR® is becoming a consultant, incorporating the services and benefits of other related professionals to win the race by providing the most comprehensive service possible in assisting others to make their dreams a reality.  In order to staying on the right “track” to success, three essential elements must take place within your office:

  1. Maintain high standards
  2. Built for comfort, efficiency as well as speed
  3. Surrounding the track with partners

Acknowledgement that we are in a RELATIONSHIP BUSINESS to ensure success is vital! Taking care of your TEAM for the long haul is imperative! 


By focusing and intentionally following these steps, you move from activity to achievement.  More importantly, you move from Hostage to Host!  Profitability and joy will soon follow.

Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

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