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ONE Great Opportunity!

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I’m extremely proud to announce that I have recently accepted the role of Director of Learning with Realty ONE Group.  I am thrilled beyond words with the opportunity and the chance to make a difference and serve such an amazing organization.

In August, I was given the opportunity to speak with their leadership team at their inaugural Basecamp. Appropriately named, Basecamp provides the opportunity gather, strategize and plan to take the Summit!  I was immediately overwhelmed with vision, passion and dedication as these leaders convened to plan their work…I am honored and thrilled to serve and play part to work the plan.  My focus will be on recruiting, retention and broker development!

I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to serve, yet even more grateful for the tremendous support and kindness expressed by so many when the announcement was made this past week!  Those who know me understand this is what I love and what I am passionate beyond breath about.  And I have found the perfect place to serve!  I am joyful!

Looking forward to unstoppable growth and unlimited changes for our industry!

Welcome Aboard Kathy Baker

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New Month—New Thoughts for an Age Old Winning Strategy

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With the beginning of a new month and a new, vibrant passion to change the industry, we chose to step back and lean into what we know works.  Our resource for the next series of blogs is “Teach Your Team to Fish” by Laurie Beth Jones.  In this book, Jones’ focus is on one of the most critical areas in building and sustaining a successful business: Teamwork.

Leaders today face great opportunities in defining strategies in dealing with diverse human beings and pulling together vs. falling apart.  As our example, we will use the teachings of the greatest team builders of all times.  Jesus.  Within these sessions, we will focus on:

  • How to excite your team member in order to motivate them
  • How to round them so they’ll be realistic about what can be achieved
  • How to transform them into a truly well-functioning team
  • How to release them into the world to improve teams everywhere

We will highlight companies who use teams well and provide examples of why and offer lessons that can help team leaders everywhere sustain the business and achieve their goals.

Stay tuned as we serve to be a resource, not a sales pitch!

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