Speak Up…Again

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Speak Up…Again

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Last week’s blog post addressed the courage and transparency of an organization taking the leap to reach out to their membership and provide a tool and resource to encourage feedback  with both leadership and tools being provided.  Again, I am in awe.

What this kind of leap forward provides is trust and accountability at the highest level.  When  an organization takes this kind of step true leadership is exposed. It is making strong, clear, concise and meaningful statements.

  • We value your opinion.
  • We understand who we serve. (And we want to serve you better)
  • We honor your loyalty and trust.

What this kind of action eliminates is the opportunity for the organization to act out the fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes. When you empower your membership to Speak Up, be heard and contribute to greatness, you ensure there is indeed fabric in the loom.  You create loyal, raving fans who line the streets and cheer you on!!

When you discourage your membership from speaking up or even worse, when you allow them to speak up and either ignore their needs or pretend to act and don’t, your loyal become disenchanted.  Most significantly, when you “parade” before your membership, ignoring their needs and concerns, you expose the lack leadership, vision and direction of the organization at the highest possible volume.  Your raving fans become silent. Value vanishes. Confidence wanes.  Trust erodes.  They will no longer line the streets.

Leadership in real estate is critical to your sustained success. The industry is shifting.  The market is moving.

As your parade passes by, speak up! Ensure your voice is heard, your opinion valued, and your loyalty honored. Who you work with matters. Every day.

Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

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