Make NOW Your Turning Point

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Make NOW Your Turning Point

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It’s almost December.  One of my favorite months of the year… December is delightful, magical and eventful.  It is when relationships are solidified and memories made.   AND it’s the most sacred and holy celebration of life.

Yet, for me as a Coach, the reason December is delightful, magical, and why relationships become reality is because December is when the good become GREAT in real estate.  Professionals who are playing to win, play their best game in the final month of the year.

The turning point and most critical season of 2018 is December 2017. Make your move now to be the change you wish to see in your business.  Consider these three essential components.

  1. Set aggressive goals and objectives for 2018
    a.  Goals must be non-negotiable.
    i.  Identify who and what will suffer if you fail
    ii.  Make adjustments and modifications as needed to succeed, not to short-cut or short-sale your business
    b.  Discern the best objectives and execute each.
    i.  The goal is the what; the objective is the how
    a)  Have step by step systems in place to hit each objective
    b)  Make each step measureable and inclusive of elements of accountability
    ii.  Celebrate each objective’s victory; re-evaluate each missed opportunity
  2. Know your numbers
    a.  What is the source of each closed sale in 2017
    b.  What was the investment in the source
    c.  What is the ROI on each investment made in your business
    d.  Determine what you need more of and what you can simply do without!
  3. Embrace the concept that “Success take a Village”
    a.  Identify your tribe
    i.  Personal Influencers; Supporters; Center of Influence
    ii.  Allied Resources
    iii.  Professional mentors; colleagues; associates
    b.  Seek and find and accountability partner
    i.  Hire a professional coach
    a)  Weekly calls and accountability
    b)  Professional tips and advice to keep you on track
    c)  One who can advise and analyze market vs. personal production
    ii.  Accountability Partner
    a)  A professional partner NOT a friend
    b)  Checking in for measureable outcomes of goals/objectives vs. actual numbers

Tis the Season.

The season to show gratitude and celebrate.  Make the most of “the most wonderful time of the year” by planning to make your next year the best ever.  It’s simple…plan, work and as always: “Be a resource, not a sales pitch”.

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