A Bountiful Harvest

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A Bountiful Harvest

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In this season of Thanksgiving, I pause and wonder…why is there a season of Thanksgiving?

My hope for all this season (especially myself) is that we are reminded of the unearned blessings which are showered upon us.  The complicated, yet simple things most of us take for granted each and every day.  Breath, water, clean air, freedom and of course the five amazing senses to experience each and every opportunity surrounding us.

This season, let us hold the light and be the reflection of an amazingly complicated, yet simple industry.  As real estate professionals, we represent the essence of servant leadership. We work tirelessly to serve in hopes that we will be compensated 45 to 60 days later…and what an amazing opportunity and ride that is!  At the end of the event (homeownership) we witness the essence of life’s purpose…empowering others to live the life of which they have only dreamed.  The gift of creating and maintaining future memories that will leave a legacy for generations.

This week’s Tuesday’s with Kathy’s focus is not on a better industry, yet on the business of being better in and for the industry.  While you allow your light to shine…turn it up a bit.  Yet don’t turn it on yourself…turn it on others.  The greater you allow them to shine, the greater your reach and impact.

As you greet friends, family and acquaintances over this week of Thanksgiving.  Leave a sweet scent with every step you take.  Rather than walking in with an air of “Here I am!!!!”, enter and serve with an attitude of “There YOU are” ….

Our industry provides both the stage and opportunity for the season of Thanksgiving to become a daily practice.  Be a resource, not a sales pitch.  Sow graciously and cheerfully and you will reap abundantly.  Far beyond your imagination.

Gather, be thankful, love, and be purposeful.

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