Top 5 Tips for Real Estate Recruiters

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Top 5 Tips for Real Estate Recruiters

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I recently had the awesome opportunity to be interviewed by an amazing influencer in our industry and he asked some simple questions that I would like to delve a bit deeper into now.

What is the Best Advice for Starting as a Recruiter?

Be a resource, not a sales pitch—remember, your job is not to “sell” your company, yet it is to discern if your company is the right fit for your candidate.

Here are the Top 5 things to remember:

1.  What and whom are you attracting?

  • Part-time
  • Co-Career
  • Full time professionals
  • All the above

And it’s okay, there is no wrong answer!  You must stay true to your model and how you support your model, which means everyone is not a fit! Find those who are, hire them and move onward!

2.  Do you provide resources to support each?

  • Why?
  • How?
  • When?
  • What difference will it make (transactions) to the candidate?

3.  What is the value of your company based on benefits, tools and services you provide?

  • Be prepared and confident to discuss and consult to the value of each. —This is NOT an elevator speech! This is the heart of the consultation.
  • How can you dollarize each tool, benefit, resource that you provide?

i. Meaning how many additional transactions will each add?
ii. What do that do to the candidate’s bottom line

4.  For Heaven’s sake, you cannot lose what you don’t have. Make the call!  While you are worried about what you will say, they are worried you will not call!  The worst thing that can happen is they say…No…and by the way, they are not saying “Heck NO! NEVER” …they are saying…. “Not now”, or “Not yet”, or “I’m not in enough pain where I am to overcome the fear of change” …

This has been magnified through social media.  If you are doing a great job (and if you are not, why not?) allowing candidates to sneak a peek at how attractive your business model, office and culture is for the real estate industry, you must pick up the phone and call and invite them in.  When you don’t call them, they are like the pretty girl who was never asked to the dance.  They are sitting by the phone and waiting.  They may say “Not yet” and that is okay.  They are still longing for a call.

5.  Be so good and know your value so well, that you are unstoppable and you WILL attract who you want.

Recruiting is telling your story.  It is weaving the fabric of your organization, including your value, tools, resources, benefits and culture into a beautiful tapestry in which your prospect or candidate wants to be securely wrapped in.  Tell your story better.  Be so compelling that they ask you to join, today.  If they don’t…make sure you ask them.  They just might do it.

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