Judy LaDeur

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kathy Baker for over 20 years. I have worked side by side with her in many capacities including recruiting, coaching, content development and leadership consulting. Kathy has worked on every level of the real estate industry from administration, to sales and marketing, recruiting and then finally, as a partner in a thriving, successful Brokerage. This vast experience provides a rare, timely working knowledge of the industry. That knowledge combined with her tireless work ethic is further fueled by a relentless appetite for success. Kathy asks the right questions, listens aggressively and works with you to create a blueprint for success. As your Consultant and Partner in profitability, Kathy will ensure the results you desire and empower you to exceed beyond your expectations.

Judy LaDeur

( President, Judy LaDeur International )

Other Testimonials

Kathy Baker is an established leader in the real estate industry, offering valuable insight from her understanding of all elements of the real estate brokerage. She has extensive experience in educating new franchisees - her knowledge in recruiting and her focus on retention are invaluable tools for today's brokers. Kathy's smooth, easy-to-engage style has contributed to her success both in the field and as an industry resource, and her insightful guidance would prove beneficial to brokerage executives.

Margaret Kelly

( Former CEO, RE/MAX, LLC )

Kathy is among the most knowledgeable, credible leaders in the industry today - she brings not only her experience to her clients, she brings her care.

Steve Murray

( President, REAL Trends )

I've been in real estate for 30 years and had the good fortune to know Kathy Baker for 20 of those years. Kathy's excels in helping Broker/Owners solve complex problems. Whether it is training and coaching agents or designing and executing a recruiting plan for a brokerage, Kathy's proven techniques work in today's business environment. Kathy Baker knows the inside workings of all major brokerage franchises. I feel confident that Kathy would give a in depth overview of all options available to any Broker/Owner. Kathy's guidance is highly sought after because she has integral knowledge in every aspect of realty brokerage including owning, start-ups and training and coaching. It is my pleasure to give her my highest recommendation.

Marti Hampton

( Broker/Owner, RE/MAX One Realty )

It has been my pleasure to work with Kathy over my career. Not only was she able to create dynamic curriculum tailored to the brightest real estate minds in the business, she is also able to convey her messages with clarity, consistency and through a voice that captivates and motivates. Pairing her experience, with outstanding coaching skills makes Kathy a truly sought-after educator and leader.

Mike Ryan

( Executive Vice President, RE/MAX, LLC )

As an owner and operator of a fast-growing brokerage firm, I thought I had a unique perspective of the real estate industry until I met Kathy Baker. Kathy’s ability to understand the needs of the various stakeholders as well as being able to solve for a win-win across the board is truly remarkable. Additionally, I have seen Kathy’s industry knowledge and insight transcend geographies and price points, and that only comes when someone understands the very DNA of the industry. Her broad network, deep experience, insightful problem solving, and warm and light-hearted personality makes her a tremendous advisor and an asset to our industry as a whole.

Sharran Srivatsaa

( President of Brokerage, Western Region @ Douglas Elliman Real Estate )

Kathy's working knowledge of the real estate industry, combined with her ability to listen objectively, provides a refreshing perspective into today’s rapidly changing landscape. Turning challenges into opportunity seems to come quite easily, and solutions follow regardless of your role or interests... broker, team leader or agent. It’s rare in today’s fast-paced, always connected world, to find someone who takes the time to really listen, fully-understand the situation from everyone’s perspective and then provide advice designed to achieve a specific goal. Kathy’s has been a trusted advisor and mentor during our 20X growth over the last four years.

Chris Speicher

( Co-Founder of the Speicher Group, Long & Foster and Christie’s, Advisory Board of Zillow, Ambassador of RIS Media Top 5 in Real Estate Network )

Kathy Baker could train a linebacker to dance ballet. It's all about how she believes in you until you believe in yourself. She sees the potential within and activates it. Directly and with strong feeling. She's clever, sincere, dynamic and has the heart of a lion. If you have the opportunity to be in this woman's presence, take it.

Valerie Praxis Westerfield

( Producer/Editor/Director/Storyteller, Praxis Piktures )

I have known Kathy Baker since 2003 and she has not only been a friend, but she has been a motivator, a coach, a confidant, a mentor, and has always helped me move through challenging times as a business owner. Because she ran a RE/MAX office for many years it's wonderful to know that she sat in my chair so to speak. She truly understands the day in and day out demands...but she also knows what's possible if you commit, believe and work hard! Believe me you will LOVE working with her!!!”

Jennifer Atkisson-Lovett

( Broker/Co-Owner, 2013 Broker/Owner of the Year, RE/MAX Florida Region )

Kathy’s support, encouragement and leadership keeps me focused and on the path of success. This year, I’m on track to exceed last year’s results.

Tom Downing

( The Downing Group at The Platinum Group, REALTORS )

Kathy Baker is one of the brightest, most positive and creative difference makers I've encountered in my 35+ year career in real estate. If that seems like overstatement, it's not! She is a marketing and recruiting guru and can share her wisdom effectively in the boardroom or classroom. She knows the brokerage business inside and out and has a gift for critical analysis. If you are fortunate enough to have an opportunity for Kathy to become involved with your organization, take it!

John Schumacher

( Regional Director, Mid-American Region, Keller Williams Realty International )